Science Tuition
Science is the systematic study of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation. At Investing In Minds, we aim to stimulate curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way they do.
Why choose Investing in Minds for Science Tuition?
Our tutors, through various strategies, will to teach different methods of enquiry and investigation to stimulate creative thoughts. Regardless of what pathway they are following, all pupils will study all 3 Sciences – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
As the new science curriculum is broad, we aim to cover Biology, Physics and Chemistry from Year 9 onward ensuring your child is well supported to be successful.

We support students on either a combined or triple science pathway at GCSE level.
Science Topics
Biology - Living Organisms and their structure, Life-cycles,
Adaptations and Environment.
Chemistry - Composition, Behaviour and properties of matter,
and of the Elements of the Earth and its atmosphere.
Physics - Energy, Forces, Mechanics, Waves, and the Structure
of atoms and the physical universe.