English Studies
Our English programme aims to foster a love of reading and learning in every child. We tutor students from Year 4 to Year 11. We teach children how to build their skills from reading and word recognition to advanced level comprehension with the ability to critique complex passages of text.
Why choose Investing In Minds for English tutoring?
At Investing In Minds, we have qualified teachers with years of classroom experience. Each of our tutors have excellent English academic qualifications and are able to confidently work with a range of students even under challenging circumstances.
English 8+
The Investing In Minds Programme is not tied to any curriculum but compliments learning across all subjects at school. This gives the students freedom to become advanced, independent and enthusiastic learners, as well as thoughtful individuals.
Primary English
Literary Devices
Creative Writing
Vocabulary Testing
Literacy Reasoning
English 11+
Our 11+ English programme will cover all the grammatical elements needed for the 11+ exams. This will include spelling, punctuation, grammar, enhancing vocabulary, literacy reasoning, comprehension and creative writing. 

Through a focus on improving key skills and establishing routines, we aim to
ensure your child is ready to engage in their 11+ exams.
Teaching English
Vocabulary Testing
Literary Devices
Literacy Reasoning
Creative Writing/Writing Composition
Verbal Reasoning
English 14+
At Investing In Minds, we believe English is not just about reading and writing. Studying English teaches you the skills and ability to decipher the world around you, articulate your opinions and ideas, and broaden your understanding of everything that you come across.
English Language
Reading non-fiction texts from both pre-1900 and now
post-1900 fiction texts
Writing creatively
Writing to express a view point
English Literature
A Shakespeare play
A pre-1900 novel
Poetry from across time
A modern text
Unseen poetry