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We offer expert tuition services in Crystal Palace

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Qualified English Tutors

We tutor from primary to secondary levels.
We aim to develop your child's love of literature

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Fantastic Maths Tutors

The Investing In Minds programme aims to develop students' ease and enthusiasm for maths.

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GCSE Science Tutors

We teach from primary to secondary school.

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Business studies tutoring

We offer personalised business study teaching for
students aged between 12-16

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Experienced tutors

All of our tutors have to meet high standards of teaching in order to be part of Investing In Minds.

Weekly progress reports

We provide weekly progress reports to help you keep track with how the learning experience is going.

Honest and transparent

We will always provide true feedback.

We are Investing in Minds

Our mission is to ensure our children of the future are well equipped, for not only the governmental changes in education, but the challenge of life beyond school. We believe that every child should be given the same educational platform. Let’s invest in the minds of your children today.

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Our process

Differentiation through learning styles is important to each child as we believe they must be supported whether through an auditory, visual and/or kinesthetic approach. To ensure our learning strategies are effective, our groups will never exceed more than six students in a group.

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We are based in the heart of Crystal Palace.